RailSaver Pro Clear, protect the rails of your SUP board

RailSaver Pro Clear is the best quality rail protector for your SUP board available on the market.

If your SUP board is over 11’ we recommend you get the Jumbo version instead.
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RailSaverPro Clear


Detail of RailSaverPro set up on a Starboard board while keeping in line with its designPackaging of RailSaverPro ClearFeatures of RailSaverPro ClearRoll with two strips of RailSaverPro Clear
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RailSaverPro Clear is a rail protector for your Stand Up Paddle board that comes in two semi-rigid PVC pieces, with enjoyable designs and color combinations in order to better adapt to your SUP board’s design. Cutting edge technology paired with innovative design for your board.

Blades on a Paddlesurf paddle have been designed to be as efficient as possible on the dynamics of entry, rowing and water exit and maintaining this effectiveness is always desirable. When the paddle blade accidentally hits the edge of the board, it can get scratched or damaged easily. In this case, you have three options:
  • Overlook the fact that your SUP board is dented or scratched.
  • Protect the paddle blade while rowing and risk losing efficiency.
  • Or, the way we prefer, protect your board’s rails with style and quality by using RailSaverPro Clear.
This product has been tested on different prototypes, developing an optimal size for any Stand Up Paddle Surf practitioner, on paddle and board, of 2 x 191cm (6’3”) x 6,3cm (2’1/2). So you can be sure that this product will fit your SUP board, though we recommend that for boards over 12’ you get two sets of RailSaverPro Clear in order to ensure complete protection and coverage of your board. On the other hand, if you’ve got a short board, please get in touch with us so we can send you information about the Xtreme models specially designed for this kind of SUP.

RailSaverPro Clear is made out of semi-rigid PVC of 380microns, with a lenticular surface pattern highly resistant to impact and abrasion. It has the ability to adapt to simpler curves and to allow for re-positioning, helping greatly during the placement stage.

The lenticular pattern allows for minimum density without affecting impact resistance, and this reduced thickness, along with a rugged surface makes for a seamless grip.

If you are looking to provide maximum protection while maintaining a high resale value for your Stand Up Paddle board, we recommend that you care for your board and ensure its safety by getting the RailSaverPro Clear. Just look at all those boards with dented and scratched rails and tell us which will go for a higher price, a board that looks well maintained or one that is all damaged, full of bumps and war injuries?

The adhesive substance in RailSaverPro is very strong, in order to get it off your board we recommend applying direct heat, as in a hair dryer.

 Here's a video where you can watch how to install the RailSaverPro Clear. Watch how easy it is to set up on your SUP board, you can see that it allows for repositioning while installing it. In any case, it is recommended that you let it set for 6 hours before getting the board into the water.   

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RailSaverPro easy installation
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