Stripes RSPro Rail Saver

Stripes RSPro Rail Saver is the new version of the RSPro protection but now combines different colors to give your board a personal decoration also protection.

*Available Red/Black, White/Black y Black/White
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Stripes RSPro range


Stripes RSPro on the boardStripes RSPro Red/BlackStripes RSPro Black/WhiteStripes RSPro White/Black
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Stripes RSPro is a colorful version of the classical RSPro protection but it combines different colors with a design makes by lines. It's a good option if your board has a previos damage to cover it. For example you can have a blue board with some marks of the paddle in white color, then you can use this RSPro sticker to cover the ugly signs.

Look the variety of combinations that RS Pro offers to you, and choose the one you like most.

Features of this Stripes RSPro are similar than Clear RSPro. You can click on the link to check it.
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RSPro easy installationPackaging for RSPro ClearFeatures of the RSPro Clear
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