Xtreme RSPro

Xtreme RSPro is the paddle protectors of Paddle Surf boards designed specifically for short boards.

*If your SUP board is 8'5" or less we recommend this version.
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Xtreme RSPro


Xtreme RSPro for short boardsOn the boardRSPro Clear PackagingFeatures of the RSPro Clear
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Xtreme RSPro is the edge protector for your highest quality Stand Up Paddle board in the market.
  • He is the younger brother of the conventional RS Pro Clear.
  • Protect the edges of your SUP board and forget to hit it with your SUP paddle. Just enjoy!.
  • Keep your SUP boards as new.
  • They will have greater resale value in the future.
  • It has no visual impact on your table.
  • Perfect to mount before you release your new SUP board.
  • Very easy installation.
  • Allow repositioning while installing.

Features of the Xtreme RSPro:

  • Designed specifically for short SUP Board. Perfect for boards of 8'5 "and less.
  • Of a clear and translucent texture, with the RSPro logo in silver color to respect and integrate perfectly in the design of your board.
  • 2 semi-rigid PVC strips (5 'x 150 cm (5') x 5 cm (2 '') with a lenticular design for high resistance to impacts and abrasion with minimum weight Lenticular surface facilitates adaptation to more complicated surfaces and facilitates installation.
  • Resistant to UV rays and with a transparent adhesive.
  • Designed and manufactured in Barcelona.
The RSPRO adhesive is very strong. To remove it from your board we recommend applying heat, for example from a hair dryer.

We leave a video for you to see how the RSPRO is installed and see that it is very easy to place in your SUP board, you can realize that while you install it you can reposition it very easily. In any case, it is recommended to wait 6 hours before putting your board in the water.
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RSPro quick set up
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