Starboard SUP 14'x24.5" All Star Carbon Sandwich 2018

The Starboard AllStar range is made from a new design for 2018 to compete in all water conditions, with the higher warranty to be on the top of the races, flat water races or choppy races, no matter.
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2018 Starboard SUP 14' x 24.5
2018 Starboard SUP 14' x 24.5" AllStar Carbon Sandwich
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2018 Starboard SUP 14' x 24.5" AllStar Carbon Sandwich


Upside view AllStar StarboardWorld Champion Connor Baxter on the new Starboard AllStar 2018SUP Race board for all conditionsThe central fin: The Starboard Natural Winner

¿Are you looking for a Race board for all conditions? The Starboard AllStar 14'x24.5'' Carbon Sandwich 2018 must be your choice.

This model is the best option because the board shape that Starboard has designed is good for differents requirements. Waves, downwinds and upwinds, bumps, choppy or flat, you could ride what you want. Starboard has maintained the double support inspired by the design of the catamarans and the concave on the bottom of the board to keep the board faster with the lowest friction and has increased the volume in the nose to save it out from the water when conditions turn to bad or you want to surf.

This is a very light SUP Race board with an amaizing aceleration. The 2018 AllStar shape improves the speed, the glide and the direction, all these features make the Starboard AllStar 2018 the best board to use in competitions. 

Take a moment to focus on the new central fin, the Natural Winner, who was  made to give you some advantage on the beach race starts and for the buoy turns. 

With the AllStar Carbon Sandwich, you will have the board who has been designed for the top riders who look for the maximum quality and results on the competition.

Starboard All Star 14' x 24.5" Carbon Sandwich 2018 features:

  • Length: 14' (aprox. 426.7 cm)
  • Width: 24.5" (aprox 62.2 cm)
  • Thickness: 9.6” (aprox. 24.38 cm)
  • Volume: 309 L.
  • Weight: 12.15 Kgrs
  • Rider weight: 60-95 Kgrs
  • Fins: Light Core Natural Winner 

¿How to choose the Starboard All Star paddle board size for you?

The AllStar boards range that Starboard has planned for 2018 has 2 lenght (14' and 12'6") combined with several width sizes to offer the right board for many different riders with diverse conditions on their SUP level, weight or style. 
What's your Starboard AllStar? – Choose the right one between these options depending on your weight, style and level.
Length Width Thickness Volume Rider weight
12'6'' 23.5" 9.1" 277 liters 40 - 75 kgs
12'6'' 24.5'' 9.1" 293 liters 50 - 85 kgs
12'6'' 26'' 9.3" 303 liters 70 - 90 kgs
12'6'' 28'' 10.1" 340 liters 75 - 105 kgs
14' 22.5" 7.9" 258 liters 40 - 75 kgs
14' 23.5” 10" 318 liters 50 - 80 kgs
14' 24.5" 9.7" 326 liters 60 - 95 kgs
14' 26" 9.9" 353 liters 70 - 100 kgs
14' 28'' 9.9'' 379 liters 80 - 115 kgs
You can see in the following video all the features of the AllStar range and see them on action:
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