Now, you can find material for surfing on HoeNalu. In this section you could meet surfboards, fins, pads and a variety of accessories to surf. There are products from BIC Surf, Radz, Alder and many more brands. Stay tuned because we will extend our offer of material for surfing on the net and in our physical shop at Marbella.

Surfboards and Bodyboards

Find the surfboard that better suits you, for beginners and pros, ask us for our variety of boards. Also we have some bodyboards to enjoy the experience in waves. If you need advice or you want ot ask for any concrete model, please contact us.

Trajes de neopreno

Here you can see a selection of wetsuits for surfing and be comfortable, warm and protected in the water, because one of the worst things of surfing is to be cold while you are surfing, it can ruin your surf session. For men and women, you will find the best wetsuit and if you have any doubt we will be glad to help you.

Surf fins

If you need fins for your surfboard, here you have some models with different colors and constructions. Find fins for FCS or Future system, and configure your surfboard with thruster or quad, depending on the waves.

Surf accessories

We have a whole range of surf accessories. Board bags, leashes, pads, grips and more products to take care of your board.