Starboard SUP 8'0x29" Surf Deluxe DC

You can surfing wherever you want with the Starboard SUP 8'0x29" Surf Deluxe DC because it is an inflatable board so you can bring it in the backpack to any spot and surfing with the warranty of Starboard
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Starboard SUP 8'0x29" Surf Deluxe DC


Surfing wherever you wantPerfect for growing in surfingStarboard SurfFor small or big waves
Surfing real waves on inflatable boards has never been easier. The Starboard SUP 8'0x29" Surf Deluxe DC with double chamber is based on the hard surf boards outlines. Narrower nose cuts through turns, wide mid-section for stability, pulled-in tail for tight turns. They’re more agile, reactive, and, well, surfy. Pump it up and catch a wave. In this model, the pulled in nose increases speed down the line, fits into tighter pockets of the wave and has faster bottom and top turns. 

The Deluxe Double Chamber technology brings the inflatable boards one step closer to a hard board feeling. The Double Chamber stiffens the board significantly, thanks to the double side walls around the second chamber. The second chamber also offers extra safety floatation for any emergencies.

Key features of the Starboard surf inflatable range: 

  • Large nose rocker limits the nose diving and catching during turns.
  • Tail kick helps to lift the nose during turns and change direction with ease.
  • The rocker is shaped based off the composite Pro board.
  • Built in 4.75″ thick provide better control and maneuverability.
  • Diamond grooved deck pad provides comfortable grip and control.
  • Tail kick pad with raised kicker to push through turns.

Features of the Starboard SUP 8'0x29" Surf Deluxe DC paddle board:

  • Length: 8' (243.8 cm)
  • Width: 29" (73.7 cm)
  • Thickness: 4" (10.2 cm)
  • Weight: 8.6 kgs (+/- 5%) 
  • Volume: 142 L
  • Fins: Thruster - Central FCS Connect 8" / Side: 4.5" Balsa Core 
  • Rec. Rider weight: < 85 kgs.
Here you can watch an awesome video where you can check how the inflatable boards surf the waves. Unbelievable:
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