Surflogic Change Mat

Convenient accessory especially designed for making the process of changing out of and transporting your wet clothes easier.
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Change Mat SurfLogic
Change Mat SurfLogic
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Comfortably change with this Surflogic Change Mat


Change Mat Surflogic folds easilyChange Mat by Surflogic turns into a practical bagWith this Surflogic Change Mat you can get changed in three simple steps without getting your clothes dirtyChange Mat Surflogic packaging
With this Surflogic Change Mat you can carry all your wet clothes.

Just set in on the floor and step on top of it to get changed.

With the Change Mat by Surflogic you can avoid getting your wet clothes dirty with sand or dirt from the floor. Once you are done changing, just pull the string and the whole system closes, leaving your wet clothing inside.
  • Keeps your wetsuit free of sand and dirt
  • Protects your wetsuit and is easy to store
  • Turns into a wet bag
  • Keeps your vehicle dry
  • Easy to carry
  • Measures75 cm diameter flat
  • Made of PVC
  • Original and unique packaging
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