Review Naish Nalu 10'6'' GTW 2018

Submitted on 03-05-2018
Review Naish Nalu

From HoeNalu we introduced you the new Naish SUP 2018 range a few months ago, that we consider simply spectacular from the first time that we saw it. The decoration and aesthetics of the Naish boards for 2018 is wonderful, they are finished with degraded colors combined with Maori symbology, inspired by the original Hawaiian tribes, with empty print areas to balance the visual weight of the board, all topped with pads that combine bright colors with the brand color, the typical yellow of Naish.

In this post, we will focus on the new Naish Nalu 10'6'' GTW 2018, and we bring you a complete review of it. This paddle board by Naish has several seasons in the Hawaiian brand catalog and is one of the mains of the Robby Naish's factory, which year after year incorporates improvements in the design and construction of this model, with a production of awesome boards, because without doubts, one of the main characteristics of the boards of this brand is their look, that joined to the quality and performance of the products, cause that Naish fans remain faithful to the brand although the years and the hard competence.

Nalu, a classic by Naish

How we said previouslly, the Nalu is probably the most meaningful board of the Naish collection. If you haven't had one of this or you have never tested it, it is one of those boards that every SUPer must ride at least one or two times in the life. If we take a look to the past, we can check the evolution of the Naish Nalu 10'6", that has evolved from the 2011 model, who was shaped with a width of 28", to a more polyvalent board where the 30" of width gives more stability. Thanks to the improvement of the technology, it has been possible to reduce the thickness in 3/4" that results a slimmer board, 2 cm less than the previous one, so the high maneuverability in waves is insured, with a volume of 160 liters. This feature hasn't hardly changed in these years, because the 2011 model had 153 liters of volume, but it was a difficult and technical board if we compare it with the new 2018 board. 

Gama Naish Nalu 2018
The range Nalu 2018 consists of six different variants. Most of them use the GTW technology that is finished in wood. Four measures are offered: 10'6'', 10'10'', 11' y 11'4'', in addition we can find another 10'6" with Alana finish, that Naish has included thinking in the SUP girls. There is also a Nalu Carbon option, aimed at the most surfer public that values the weight reduction that this technology provides, and it is offered in one and only size of 10 feet. We have taken the 10'6" GTW option for its full range of use, because it is like a surf longboard but with the properties of a paddle board, the performance is awesome in surf conditions and it can be used like a board for tours thanks to the shape, that improves the efficiency in the paddle. If we have a look to the outline, we can see a classical longboard that has been improved through the seasons and it has adapted to the needs of the riders to use it on a variety of conditions..

Measures and shape of the new Nalu 10'6"

Before to put the focus on other details, let's review the measures of this Naish Nalu. Its length is 10'6", or 320 cms, and the width is 30" (76.2 cms) with 4" of thickness, only 10,2 cms that make it the thinnest board of this type of long SUP boards. These measures provide a volume of 160 liters so the range of users is very broad, because those people up to 91 kgs can find in the Nalu a very versatile SUP board that allows them to enjoy tours and waves alike. Also, the rider weight is the one that the brand has set, but taking in account our experience, a rider more than 90 kgs with experience in SUP shouldn't have problems to ride the board.

The Naish Nalu 10'6" has a shape certainly inspired by the classic longboards of the beaches of Waikiki. The Nalu 2018 has a wide estance that falls towards sharp and elongated rails that provide speed and stability in surfing to the rider practicing Stand Up Paddle, clearly expanding the range of users to those who reach 90 kgs and even more, depending on the level. The nose is defined by a monoconcave line that flows towards the center of the board and has the right elevation to ensure a good take-off in the wave without putting the maneuver at risk.

In the middle of the board we find a double concave that distributes the supports in the turns and in the plane, so it makes that the water flows through the bottom in a fluid and dynamic way, achieving that the Nalu surfs at the same time that it is able to react to the changes of weight and pressures that the rider makes in the different sections of the wave.
Last, the rounded tail makes that this Naish turns easily, if we think that we are managing a 10'6" board, you will be surprised how this tail shape combined with the center fin of 9" make that the board turns even in closed turns. In the video that the brand published, you can watch Bernd Roediger and other riders testing the Naish Nalu 10'6". Look at the and just... enjoy!

Other interesting points

Detalles Naish Nalu GTW

Making a more detail review of the Nalu 10'6" we must focus on the good finishes and accessories, they are features that make the difference from other options and give it a status of a paddle board with a high quality. We can highlight the following details:


First of all we want to talk about the Nalu's pad. How we said a few times before, the first aspect that take the attention to the board, is its look, and the pad is one of the reasons of this amazing look design. It is made with a green bright color mostly and combined with another dark green that it is introduced with lines that are alternating both colors, with a large yellow stripe in which the word Naish appears in contrast, and the part of the end of the pad is full dark green. But also, apart of the aesthetics, the pad stands out for the good grip that has been made with a diamond shape cut to complete its function perfectly, so the grip of the rider be a success in any circumstance.


Another remarkable aspect of the Naish is the ledge handle, the one that uses the brand in its boards and makes that the transport will be very pleasant, thanks to a developed shape that facilitates to take the board and its transport. This feature is also thanks to the low weight, only 10,1 kgr for this Nalu, and makes it one of the lightest options in comparison with boards of other brands of the same segment, which is only exceeded by those that use carbon finishing technology.


Quilla Naish Nalu GTW

Last, we want to invite you to have a look to the fins that the board brings from factory. First we must say that the fins set is perfectly combined with the design of the paddle board.

A big center fin, US Box system, of 9" in black and yellow, that we have said previously, facilitates all type of turns, because it makes a great shaft for rotation in waves, and also it makes its function as rudder when we want to paddle in the regular position for a tour. It allows a better eficiency of the paddle becasue it is not needed to change the paddle from one side to another quickly to correct the direction.

The center fin has two mates, two side fins of 4,5" with a look similar to a bee, combining black and yellow stripes, making a perfect set with the Naish Nalu, and also they do their function perfectly, driven the board on the right way.

GTW technology

We dedicated some words previously to talk about the low weight of this amazing board, that it is possible thanks to the technology that Naish uses to make the board, the GTW technology. This is one of the premium technologies in the SUP world, because it is used for boards looking for a lighter weight that satisfy the requirements of the more demanding riders. This technology uses natural wood that makes stronger and lighter boards, with a more flexible performance in waves and a higher reactivity in the response to the presure when we push for a strong paddle.Naish Nalu 10'6'' GTW 2018

The GTW technology has a molded EPS closed cell core that give the paddle boards that use its lightweight and resistance against potential water leakage, and protect the heart of the board by the lightest possible way. The core is covered with a half deck glass reinforcement that improve the impact strength and the durability. It has a glass matrix in deck and bottom producing an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio. The finish layer is made with a visible wood sandwich in the deck and wood in the bottom that gives the board a natural load spread plus energetic flex.

One board for all conditions

The Naish Nalu 10'6 GTW finally is a board for all condition and every day. It gives you the best performance in paddle surf where the board rides the small and medium waves as one of the best, but when the swell is bigger, the Nalu will surprise you like a board that can surf every wave. When the sea is calm and flat water is the condition, this Naish allows you to enjoy a relaxed tour along the coast.

How we have said, it's a board to enjoy our favourite sport in a wide variety of conditions, and opens the possibilities to start with another ways of surfing like the noseriding, because of you can put an adhesive grip on the deck, like the Hexatraction, and go for a walk to the nose of the board when you are in the section of the board to make a different surfing.

This model is available on HoeNalu, if you are interesting on the Naish Nalu 10'6'' GTW 2018 you can order it now from our web shop. Also you can contact to us if you have any doubt or question about this board or another model of the Naish SUP collection for 2018. 


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