Test review of Naish One 12'6" and Naish Mana Air 10'0" inflatable boards

Submitted on 20-05-2015

HoeNalu.com Naish inflatable board review:

Naish One 12'6"  / Mana Air 10'0"

Review de tablas inflables Naish

Here's another Paddle Surf product review. Last week we tested Naish's 2013 inflatable SUP board offerings and their accessories.

En HoeNalu hemos probado las tablas de SUP Naish ONE 12'6 y Mana Air 10'0 y te damos nuestras impresiones A couple of years ago, Naish decided it was time to enter the fray of the inflatable SUP board sector and it seems like this year they have pulled out all the stops and are showcasing some upgraded products

The main advantages of inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards are their durability and how easy they are to transport and store. Naish boards feature their own proprietary technology, which we will briefly talk about now.

Air Technology

The technology behind inflatable SUP boards is called Air. By using this construction method, you get long lasting and rigid boards. Naish recommends inflating these boards from 10 to 14 Psi. The more pressure, the more rigid the board.

Naish 2013 inflatable board updates

Things to mention for this 2013 season are the new shapes and designs, such as the One 12'6", a race and touring board and the Alana Air 10'6", which features a colorful blue design with Hawaiian flowers specially for the ladies.

What's included with Naish's inflatable Paddle Surf boards?

  • A Stand Up Paddle board with your selected shape and size
  • Naish carrying backpack
  • A repair kit in a cylindrical waterproof orange box
  • Naish Air Pump
  • Instruction manual and product sheet

we're all set! Let's try out these Naish SUP boards!

Transport backpack

The first thing we could "feel" was the backpack. There hasn't been any significant upgrades from the 2012 version, but that's because it does what it needs to do in the first place. It's a bundle type, you need to fold the board and store it from the top of the bag. The opening pocket can be closed by pulling a string and fastening two clips. It's got a frontal pocket for storing the fin. You can easily carry it on your shoulders, though we would like to see side handles, better back support and a more practical aperture system (like the one found on RedPaddleCO inflatable SUP boards). All things aside, it gets a passing grade.
Detalle de la Mochila de las tablas inflables Naish

Color scheme is black and yellow, with a big Naish logo at the front.

Fins on each model

The Mana Air 10'0" features two very durable and flexible integrated fins. The central fin uses a Slide In system with a security clip to secure the fin to the board. It's an easy and practical systm for inflatable boards.
Quillas de las tablas hinchables Naish ONE 12'6" y Mana Air 10'0"

The Naish One 12'6" has only one central fin with the same Slide In system as in the Mana Air 10'0".

One important thing to note is that you need to make sure that no sand or dirt gets in on the fin rail when sliding it in, because it can jam the system and make it hard to remove the fin afterwards. We had to use a small rubber mallet to get the fin to slide out. This happens to every board that uses this kind of system, even on other manufacturers, such as Starboard.

Air Pump

When taking out the board and unfolding them, we noticed that the backpack also carries the air pump, along with a manometer and a board repair kit.
Bomba de aire de las tablas hinchables Naish

The pump is simple yet functional. It's got a solid base in which to support our feet for additional stability. The handles are long enough to provide a good grip, though it's got a series of streaks that make grabbing them a bit uncomfortable. Setting the tube and manometer is easy, as this remains the same pump from last year.

Remember that the manufacturer recommends inflating these boards from up to 10-14 Psi (14 for better rigidity). Getting to this pressure requires a bit of an additional effort, but it's worth it!

Additional accessories

Only thing worth of mention is the repair kit that comes in a cylindrical waterproof box, which carries everything you'll need to make small repairs to your board.

We have always said that, after trying out other inflatable boards, we were a bit dissapointed in the performance we observed from this technology. Well, that ends now. Inflatable technology has come a long way, and keeps evolving year after year. It is designed for touring and racing with friends, as its shape and size make it a great glider. The day of the test run, the water was flat and we got great feelings from the baord. Now we just need to test them in more windy and choppy conditions and even try to surf a couple of small waves with them.

Naish One 12'6"

Design-wise, this board keeps in line with the Naish aesthetic of white, black and yellow colors. The tail is bulky and square. Here we can find a hook for tying a leash. The diamond grooving pad features arrows and numbers than can function as a reference to the rider to try different positions on the board and adjust for better paddling. The pad takes up three quarters of the board. The Naish One 12'6'' comes with a central handle for carrying it.

As with most inflatable boards, it features deck riggings for carrying bags and gear on the deck. This makes it perfect for long tours where you need to take food, water, clothing, etc.

We would like to mention the Slide In fin system at the bottom, which we thought is a great way to mount a fin, albeit sliding it out can be a bit awkward since the rail can get dirty from the sand. This system is used in boards from many companies, but compatible fins are not so widespread that you can find them easily at surf shops. So if we are on the road and break a fin, it might take a while to find one that's compatible. Bear this in mind when deciding whether to get this board, though we also have to say that the fins themselves are very resistant and hard to break.

The nose is slightly raised and has the characteristic shape of race boards. The board itself is fast and has a great response to every stroke.
La tabla Naish ONE antes de hinchar

When inflating the board, you need to know that the valve has two positions, once for inflating and another for deflating. You can change these by turning the little button you can find when opening the valve cover. To introduce the inflation hose, just apply a bit of pressure while turning slighty until it hooks with the valve. Remember to inflate the board to its max recommended pressure of 14 Psi. It takes a while, but it's worth the extra effort just to have a very rigid  board.

Testing it on the water was great. The board keeps its structure, doesn't fold too much, glides well and is very stable. You can feel the thickness by having a rigid board with less than 15 Psi. Since the water was flat that day, we could not surf any waves.

Deflating the board is a simple process. You just open the valve and turn it to the deflating position. Afterwards, we just need to fold the board and it will finish deflating on its own.

We missed having some kind of strap to tie the board once it's folded and get it to fit in the backpack, like the one on RedPaddle boards, though you can buy a tie down strap for that.

The One is great for touring and as a travel board, like most inflatable offerings. Those that end up getting this board are the ones looking for the main advantages of inflatable SUPs, mobility, transportation and storage capacity. Begginers will also have a good board to take their first strokes in the One, as well as sharing with their kids, family or friends. Conditions during our test were very favorable, but we are sure the board will do just as good with a bit of chop and small waves.a

This board is fit for riders of all levels weighing up to 110 kgs. We believe that because of its materials and construction, it is perfect for kids, as the risk of puncturing from impacts is almost non-existant, though if you are looking for a board specifically designed for kids, the Mana Air might make a better pruchase.

Overall, a great touring board for the whole family to enjoy on trips!

Technical specifications of the Naish One 12'6"

  • Length: 12'6"
  • Width: 30"
  • Thickness: 6"
  • Volume: 265 litres
  • Fins:  Slide In central fin

Soem additional images of the ONE 12'6"

Detalle de la válvula de la Naish ONE A pesar de ser una tabla de race, trae amarres en el deck Fue fácil de inflar En la mochila de la Naish ONE cable todo, tabla, quilla, bomba y kit de reparación La mochila Naish cumple su función La Naish ONE recomiendan hincharla entre 10 y 14 PSI La bomba de aire para hinchar las tablas de SUP Naish Detalle del nose de la Naish ONE La tabla de SUP Naish ONE tiene un agarre central muy cómodo La bomba, el kit de reparación, la quilla van incluídos con la tabla Quilla central deslizable Recomendamos limpiar bien de arena el canal donde se inserta la quilla El bottom de la SUP hinchable Naish ONE Detalle del tail de esta tabla de Paddle Surf inflable El deck está recubierto por EVA en la zona del stance La Naish ONE coge olas muy facilmente Esta tabla de SUP es perfecta si quieres hacer travesías y no tienes mucho espacio Anque no era muy maniobrable, la Naish ONE cogía todo La Naish ONE es una tabla de Stand Up Paddle liviana Detalle de los rails de la tabla Naish ONE Al terminar, deshinchar y enrollar, y la tabla hinchable estará lista para guardar hasta la próxima sesión

Naish Mana Air 10'0"

The design on the 2013 iteration is a replica of the 2012 model, so there's nothing much to say upgrade-wise.

The impression for the test has been very good. The design on this board is geared towards having fun on the beach, surfing small waves, play with the kids, go on short tours and paddling in whitewater. It's slower than the Naish One 12'6" as it features less slide and is relatively slimmer. It's very stable for its size. Pad design is a bit lineal and provides less grip.

The tail is wide and square, not unlike its sibling board. It also has a leash plug. We were surprised to find the inflation valve right in the nose. We think it makes deflating the board harder because when you fold it from the front to the back, the valve gets covered. It's not a dealbreaker, but take it into account when considering this board.
El pad de la tabla Mana Air 10'0" cubre 3/4 de la tabla

It has just one handle on the center area. It also features riggings for carrying bags on the nose and a leash plug on the front of the bottom. The nose has a bit more rocker than the Naish One 12'6" and is completely round.

The water test run, with no wind and flat water, was good. One thing to remark in this board is its stability. Ideal conditions for using it are flat water or with a bit of chop, and small waves.

This is a board for riders of all levels of experience, provided they weight up to approx 80 kgs.

Technical specifications of the Naish Mana Air 10'0"
  • Length: 10'0" (aprox. 304 cm)
  • Width: 33" (aprox 83.8 cm)
  • Thickness: 6" (aprox 10 cm)
  • Volume: 230 Litres
  • Weight: 11,1 Kg
  • Fins: slide In detachable centra fin and fixed side fins

Here are some more pictures of the Mana Air 10'0"

Cierres de la mochila Naish Mochila de la SUP hinchable Naish Mana Air 10'0 La Mana Air 10' dentro de su mochila A punto de inflar la tabla de Stand Up Paddle hinchable La tabla de SUP incluye la quilla central y el kit de reparación Detalle de la válvula de hinchado La Mana Air 10' sin hinchar Identificación y anilla en el tail de la Mana Air 10' Esta tabla de Paddle Surf tiene un agarre central muy cómodo La Naish Mana Air 10' viene con amarres en el deck Detalle de la válvula de hinchado, Naish recomienda hichar esta tabla a 14 PSI Tiene una configuración Thruster y la quilla central es desmontable Aquí está la Mana Air junto a una ONE La Mana Air 10' es una tabla de gran volumen Gracias a su tecnología Air, las tablas hinchables Naish son muy livianas Los 230 litros de volumen, hacen que la Mana Air 10' sea muy estable Es perfecta para condiciones de mar tranquilo A pesar de ser una tabla voluminosa, es muy liviana Detalle de la anilla en el botom del nose Detalle del nose de la Naish Mana Air 10' La tabla de SUP hinchable se enrolla al finalizar la sesión Una vez enrollada, la tabla está lista para guardar La tabla, la bomba y el kit de reparación caben en la mochila La tabla hinchable está lista para viajar y guardarla hasta el próximo día
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