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Interview with Iballa Ruano
Iballa Ruano, capitana de la Selección Española de SUP

For almost all of us who practice water sports, especially windsurfing or paddlesurf, the name of Iballa is quickly related to that smiling face that the Canarian often gives us, but also to the elite sport at the highest level.

Both, Iballa and her sister Daida, have an enviable sports career. Between them, or what is the same, MorenoTwins, already accumulate a whopping 28 world titles in Windsurf. If we focus on Iballa, in addition to its 10 individual titles in wind, the last cropped a few days ago, we are also talking about a top world competitor in the SUP surfing mode.

This week we were able to carry out an interview with Iballa, for the ISA World SUP and Paddleboard World Championship to be held at the end of November in Riyue Bay, at the Chinese island of Hainan, and one more year she will be the captain of the Spanish Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard Team.
Interview with Pablo Ania, new Spanish SUP Race Champion
Pablo Ania es el actual campeón de SUP race nacional

This week we interview Pablo Ania, the winner of the long distance race for the Spanish Stand Up Paddle Championship which was recently at Baiona bay in Galicia.

The rider from Castellon (Valencia) has an awesome career in windsurf, sport in which he has some National Championships, and bit more than a year competing in SUP Race too, becoming one of the top riders in Spain.

In a little time, Pablo has won some important races along this year and he is one of the members of the Spanish National Team of Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard, who will take part in the ISA World Championship in China, between November ending and the begining of December.
Interview with Dan Gavere - Starboard International Team
Dan Gavere con su Starboard Astro Stream

We had the pleasure to meet Dan Gavere, ex-member of Starboard Internatioanl Dream Team, recently appointed as SUP and Windsurf Sales and Event Director for Fanatic USA. He was part of the Starboard team since 2009 and now is part of Fanatic team since 2017.

The whole HoeNalu team would like to thank Dan for his collaboration. we had the pleasure to talk with him during the international meeting set up by Starboard on the Costa Brave in september last year and we thought he was a very friendly and helpful person. A little known detail is that Dan was originally born in Spain, because his father was in the military and stationed in our country.