Brushed Carbon

Starboard Brushed Carbon technology
When assembling Starboard's Brushed Carbon technology you start with an ultralight, high density EPS core, then add biaxial carbon layers and half a high quality PVC sandwich.
Brushed Carbon boards possess total mechanic efficiency because of their exterior carbon fiber layers. They are up to 3.5 kgs lighter than boards with AST technology, which makes one of the most revolutionary boards in the market.
  • Ultra light, high-density EPS core (15kg/m3).
  • Fiberglass layer surrounding the core.
  • Light paint to reduce weight.
  • Deck and lower bottom with high quality biaxial carbon coating.
  • Deck and bottom with high density PVC foam coating.
  • Deck is treated with Startouch technology for extra grip when manoeuvering.
  • Central and lateral Starboard Hexcel fins.

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