Naish SUP Maliko 14'x24" Pro Sandwich Carbon Stringer 2019


One of the best boards for race allwater. Very stable in open water and surfing.

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Pro Sandwich Carbon Stringer
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Naish SUP Maliko 14' Carbon 2019


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Based on its predecessor, the new Maliko 14' Carbon Elite is faster and more stable. This board slides with the choppy minimum and the lightest wave being one of the best options for open waters, surfing and downwind this season. It is available in three different widths.

It is a very accessible board to all riders.

Features of the PaddleSurf Naish Maliko 14'x24" Pro Sandwich Carbon Stringer 2019:

Length: 14' (approx 426.7 cm)
Width: 24" (approx 61cm)
Thickness: 6 11/16" (approx 17 cm)
Volume: 244 Liters
Weight: 10.5 kgs
Rider weight: up to 86 kgs
Fin: US 8.75

How to chose the Paddle Surf Naish Maliko 14' Pro Sandwich Carbon Stringer 2019 that better suits your needs? 

Within the range of Maliko de Naish boards you can choose between two measures of length and three different widths, which gives a total of five models that are adapted to the needs of each rider.
Wich is your SUP Maliko? – Choose your board in base to your weight and needs:
Length Width Thickness Volume Rider Weight
12'6''  24'' 6 11/16" / 17 cm 235 liters Max 86 kgs
12'6'' 26'' 6 11/16" / 17 cm 255 liters Max 95 kgs
14' 24'' 6 3/8" / 16.2 cm 241 liters Max 86 kgs
14' 26'' 6 3/8" / 16.2 cm 261 liters Max 95 kgs
14' 28'' 6 3/8" / 16.2 cm 281 liters  Max 104 kgs
In the next video of Naish you can see the range for 2019:
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