Ideas to get the most out of your SUP touring board

Submitted on 03-05-2018
Disfruta tu tabla de SUP touring

Although it may not seem so, spring is here! Days are larger than the last months and as soon as possible we will be enjoying the sun and the warm temperatures of this season. Sure that you are crazy for going to do Stand Up Paddle!

This season of the year is ideal to start with the practice of SUP, maybe you think summer is the best one, when you can go to the beach and mix baths in the sea with SUP sessions, blending sport and fun, but if you are a Stand Up Paddle lover you have felt that summer, especially in the south, is too hot for long SUP sessions, that's the reason why we think spring is the better time of the year to plan a SUP trip. 

Fans of the tours on paddlesurf find these months from March to June fantastic to paddle a lot of kilometers discovering new places and awesome sceneries. We dedicated this post to them, and to everyone who wants to discover another variety of SUP. We propose some ideas to enjoy more of the SUP boards for touring and make the best use of them along the Spring.

SUP routes in nature

Explora la naturaleza con tu tabla de SUPStand Up Paddle and enjoy the nature, what would you ask more? The SUP touring boards are the best option to carry out routes of some kilometers, such in the sea as in the rivers. In both cases you can do a go and return trip, or just a route in one direction that allows you to arrive far. For this last option the idea is to organise the group and leave a car in the final point.

Plan a tour exploring the coast and discovering new landscapes. You will find this plan especially rewarding if you choose a rocky beach area, where you can skirt coves and dive into marine grottos.

Those who prefer a more rustic environment can choose to take a tour through a river. If you are looking for a quiet route with your paddlesurf board for a cruise, choose a river with a properlly depth and go through a section with flat water and little current.

SUP boards for touring allow you to carry on the deck some backpacks and even a beach fridge, so you will can do a route for a whole day, with stops for eating some energy food and recovering energy. It could be the best experience in your life, alone, with your pair or some friends. Just enjoy the moment.
Explora nuevos paisajes en SUP

Paddle Surf and camping

Why not plan a paddle surf trip for more than a day? Spring is the best season to go for camping, on this way you can spend some days doing SUP and feeling in contact with nature. 
Harness a weekend, or a few free days and choose your destination.

For those who want to spend time with family and need certain comforts for children, or for those who simply are not willing to give up to the easement, it may be a good idea to pass the night in a camping, near the area where you plan to paddle along the day, and that can be a beach, a river, a lake or a swamp. This is also the best option to spend a few days with a group of friends in which not all of them practice Paddle Surf.

The plan for the more adventurers would be a some stages trip, camping wherever you want after a long Stand Up Paddle journey everyday. In this case, it would be better to be accompanied, not alone, for a safety aspect. Also, we must plan the route very well and carry with us all that we will need along the trip, things for any unexpected while paddling as well as the basic things to spend some nights under the sky: a tent, sleeping bag, food and something to make a bonfire. It could be the best experience of your life, but you must consider the risks, so we recommend you, if you are truly interesting in make a SUP trip like this, organise all that you need with enoguht time and think to be safety. Maybe you will find useful our post with some advices to plan a SUP expedition.
De acampada con tu tabla de SUP

Combine Stand Up Paddle with other sports

The best plan for riders who want to be all day moving is a combination of some outdoor sports, that would be better to practice along the spring season better than other seasons with extreme conditions. Here you have some options:
  • Combina SUP y escalada SUP + Hiking: this is a proposal for hiking lovers, a plan that combines a walking tour with a paddling session. It is interesting to access to some places where it's difficult to arrive by car or another transport, so the hikers won't have problems to carry an inflatable board in its backpack and go for that remote place where it would be fantastic to do a SUP session.
  • SUP + Mountain Bike: another variant is to do a route in MTB, for this case we recommend to try before how you go on the bike with the board's backpack, because if you are not comfortable you can set a system on the bike to carry the board. You can plan a large trip if you change your feet for the wheels of the bike, and enjoy it with friends, this is an advantage of the inflatable boards, easy to carry and light weight.
  • SUP + Climb: if you are a climbing fan and SUP fan too, you can join both sports, and the result could be an awesome experience on both. Surely sometimes you had seen a wall where the unique access to it is throught the water, so now you have the possibility to access to the beginning of the wall and plan your climb from this point to the top. We have some feedbacks of people that did it and they couldn't be happier with the experience.
  • There are much more activities that you could combine with the Stand Up Paddle to enjoy your free time, it is just to think and use a bit of imagination, maybe it would be a great idea to combine with a route on quads, canyoning, espeolology or a thriathlon (run, mtb and SUP). It's a neverending list. 
Planea un día de senderismo y paddlesurf

Today, we have focused in the routes for paddlesurf, a variety that is very appropriate for the spring months, but as you know there are many variants of SUP. In all of them you will find a great versatility, being able to enjoy by multiple ways of this sport that adapts to every people in all circunstances.

These are some plans that you can achieve with your SUP touring board, but you can think there are as many options as your imagination allows. We will be glad that you tell us the way that you enjoy your touring SUP board!

And if you are looking for a touring SUP board, on HoeNalu we have a big variety of composite and inflatable boards, and we can advise you to take the best choice for you.

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