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How to Cut and Reattach your SUP Paddle
Consejos para Cortar y Pegar tu Remo de SUP

You got a fixed SUP paddle and don't know what to do? Don't worry, in this post we will walk you through all the steps and necessary material for cutting and putting your SUP paddle back together. Before cutting, you need to find out what the correct size is, so we recommend that you first read our post on how to adjust your paddle's length.

A piece of advice: if you are still not sure of the right size for you, cut it a bit longer than you normally would and try it out without attaching the handle, so you can still adjust the size and cut it again if necessary to reach the ideal length.
Tips for adjusting the length and size of your SUP Paddle
Consejos para ajustar la longitud y medida del remo de SUP

Practicing SUP depends on one essential and basic element, the SUP Paddle. Without it, Paddle Surf becomes simply Surf, which is a whole different sport. Nonetheless, the way to adjust a SUP Paddle will depend on the style we practice, our physical features and the board we use. The most important elements when adjusting the length and size of a paddle are the handle length and the blade size.